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Water Cooled Chillers

One of the pieces of equipment that is the most commonly used in industrial applications is a chiller that cools fluids and systems or dehumidifies air. As a leader in the manufacture of water cooled chillers, Universal Chilling Systems engineers and produces the most reliable and most durable chillers in the industry.


Most people recognize chillers as a cooling device for workspaces and jobs performed in high temperatures. Although this is a vital part of their function, chillers do so much more than making employees comfortable. Their total impact can be seen by employing chillers from Universal Chilling Systems.

Universal Chilling Systems Water Cooled Chillers

The key to the successful performance of any water cooled chilling system is the quality of the components used to produce it. This is where Universal Chilling Systems separates themselves from their so-called competitors. As a highly successful leader in the chiller industry, Universal Chilling Systems is known for its meticulous attention to detail, its highly qualified staff, and as the company that stands behind its performance. They are proud of the products they produce and stand with their customers to ensure those products perform up to Universal Chilling Systems’ high standards.


Universal Chilling Systems provides high-quality chilling solutions in a compact unitary design that can fit the needs of any industry. Regardless of your needs, from companies just starting out to experienced manufacturers, Universal Chilling Systems has a cooling solution to meet your needs.


Every Universal Chilling Systems unit is thoroughly inspected to meet the most stringent and demanding requirements and standards. Since the operation of a chiller is crucial to the success of a process, Universal Chilling Systems is able to include the proper safety protection devices required to protect and extend the life of your chiller. These devices include:


  • Overload Relays

  • Phase Monitors

  • High/Low Pressure Switches

  • Water Flow Switches

  • Water Level Indicators

  • Anti-Freeze Protection

For the highest level of service, performance, and industry experience regarding water cooled chilling systems, please contact Universal Chilling Systems. You can visit them today at to learn more on how they can assist you with your water cooled chilling system needs, at a price that matches your budget.


  • Copeland Scroll Compressor with Advanced Scroll Temperature Protection

  • Refrigerant sight glass with moisture indicator

  • Filter-drier

  • Thermostatic expansion valve

  • R410A refrigerant
      - Non-Ozone depleting

      - Low global warming impact

  • Shell and Tube Type evaporator

  • Liquid line solenoid valve

  • Refrigerant high pressure gauges

  • Refrigerant low pressure gauges

  • Stainless Steel Water Tank

  • Multistage Centrifugal Pump

  • Standard NPT fittings

  • Castors - for portability

  • Designed for indoor installation

  • Powder coated steel upright frame

  • Removable side panels for easy access

40 Ton

480,400 Btu/hr

4x 10 hp Copland Scroll Compressors
106 Gallon Tank Capacity
Flow 107 GPM

40 Ton Chiller Details.

30 Ton

360,300 Btu/hr

4x 8 hp Copland Scroll Compressors
106 Gallon Tank Capacity
Flow 80 GPM

30 Ton Chiller Details.

20 Ton

240,200 Btu/hr

2x 10 hp Copland Scroll Compressors
53 Gallon Tank Capacity
Flow 53 GPM

20 Ton Chiller Details.

10 Ton

120,100 Btu/hr

1x 10 hp Copland Scroll Compressor

32 Gallon Tank Capacity
Flow 27 GPM

10 Ton Chiller Details.

5 Ton

 60,000 Btu/hr

1x 6 hp Copland Scroll Compressor

18 Gallon Tank Capacity
Flow 13 GPM

5 Ton Chiller Details.

What is a Water Cooled Chiller?

The operation of a chiller can be defined as a method for removing heat. How this is accomplished involves the use of several steps starting with the use of a refrigerant that transfers heat away from water that comes from equipment and lowers the water’s temperature.


A water cooled chiller removes heat and sends cooled, recirculating water back to an operation, process, or equipment. It is a sophisticated method for dissipating heat by removing it from the operation or process that created the heat. Water cooled chiller systems are constantly removing heat from an application and assisting in maintaining production efficiency.


There are four main stages to the cycle of a water cooled chiller, which include evaporation, compression, condensation, and an expansion valve. At each step of the cycle, a thermodynamic process takes place. The key to these cycles is the refrigerant that is delivered in different phases at each cycle at varying pressures and temperatures.


The operation of a water cooled chiller begins with water entering the evaporator, where the refrigerant moves from being a liquid to a gas and absorbs the heat from the water. The refrigerant, in the form of a gas, then enters the compressor where its temperature and pressure increase in preparation for the next step. In the condenser, the high temperature refrigerant gas is then converted into a high-pressure saturated liquid. The last stage of the cycle involves the expansion valve from which the refrigerant becomes a mixture of liquid and gas that re-enters the evaporator to begin a new cycle.

Advantages of Water Cooled Chillers

Water cooled chillers have several advantages over other cooling methods, one of which is their smaller footprint that makes it possible to install them indoors. Having a chiller unit in an enclosed space reduces maintenance costs related to damage from weather conditions that can negatively affect chiller components. Additionally, with the absence of wind, cold, sun, and rain, the life span of a chiller is significantly extended.


The exceptional efficiency of a water cooled chiller is related to its ‘wet bulb.’ This factor influences the activity of the refrigerant that operates at a more efficient pressure and temperature and enhances the performance of a water cooled chiller.


The initial cost for the installation of a water cooled chiller is higher than that of an air chiller. These costs, however, are easily recovered during its operation. The key factors in the recovery of the initial investment is the high efficiency and smooth operation of a Universal Chilling Systems water cooled chiller. Essentially, once a water cooled chiller from Universal Chilling Systems is installed and operating, it performs with little need for maintenance.

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