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Air Cooled Chillers

Universal Chilling Systems produces Air Cooled Chillers in two variation in order to fit your budget. 

Universal Chilling Systems uses its 75 years of experience and expertise in every air cooled chilling unit we produce. With precision planning and precise engineering, Universal Chilling manufactures air cooled chillers that meet every set of requirements and perform regardless of the conditions.

AR3 Air Cooled Chiller
20 AR3 Air Cooled Chiller
10 AR3 Air Cooled Chiller

V Series

AR3 Series

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All our Air Cooled Chillers use Ozone-Friendly refrigerant  R410A
•    0 Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)

•    Medium Global warming potential (GWP)

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•    Easy Installation

•    Easy Operation

•    Easily accessible components  

Cooling capacity rated at 12,000 BTU/ton per hour at 50°F Leaving Water Temperature, 122°F Condensing Temperature and 95°F Ambient Temperature

Increased cooling capacity will occur at lower ambients and/or operating at temperatures above 50°F.

Loss of cooling capacity will occur at higher ambients and/or operating at temperatures below 50°F.

Lowest recommended ambient temperature is -4°F

Air cooled chilling equipment from Universal Chilling are highly technical refrigeration systems that are designed for any type of use. The name Universal Chilling Systems can be found at restaurants, hotels, industrial production operations, and sporting events. Universal Chilling Systems customers know that they are getting top quality, state-of-the-art units from a staff of engineers and designers that has experience in a wide variety of industrial settings.  

Universal Chilling Systems Air Cooled Chiller Design Features 


Aside from Universal Chilling Systems exceptional customer service and desire to meet our customer’s every need, we are also proud of the highly technical engineering features that goes into every one of our units, which are listed below. Every element, component, and part of Universal Chilling Systems air cooled chillers are inspected and tested to ensure excellent performance, guaranteed. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. 


Here are some of the different features we offer in our air cooled chillers:


  • Copeland Scroll Compressor with Advanced Scroll Temperature Protection

  • MCHE Air-cooled condenser with finned tubes

  • Propeller Condenser fan(s) induced air flow

  • Refrigerant sight glass with moisture indicator

  • Filter-drier

  • Thermostatic expansion valve

  • R410A refrigerant
    - Non-Ozone depleting

        - Low global warming impact

  • Shell and Tube Type evaporator

  • Liquid line solenoid valve

  • Refrigerant high-pressure gauges

  • Refrigerant low-pressure gauges

  • Stainless Steel Water Tank

  • Multistage Centrifugal Pump

  • Standard NPT fittings

  • Casters - for portability

  • Designed for indoor or outdoor installation

  • Powder coated steel upright frame

  • Removable side panels for easy access


Universal Chilling Systems Extras 


Additional features we offer on our air cooled chillers include a microchannel heat exchanger that is all-aluminum, lightweight, and corrosion resistant. With regard to concern of any malfunctions, each of our V modeled units has a siren and beacon that produces a sound alarm and visual signal. As part of the technological advancements of our chillers, each unit comes with a Wi-Fi capable controller that can connect to a Wi-Fi router through an Ethernet port. 


The easy and convenient installation of your Universal Chilling System is performed according to your schedule and requirements. Once the air cooled chiller unit is on site, it is ready to ready for use. 


Universal Chilling Systems has the experience and know how to provide for your cooling needs regardless of your requirements. We were founded on the concept that the needs of the customer come first, which is the reason we are regarded as the most highly qualified chiller manufacturer in the industry. 


What is a Chiller?


The function of an air cooled chilling unit may seem obvious since it is designed to cool its contents. Though the air cooled chilling process may seem simple, there is a great deal of engineering know how that goes into producing the low temperatures of an air cooled chiller. The basic principles of the units rely on the transfer of heat or its removal from warm fluids such as water. 


The heat transfer process begins with an evaporator that has refrigerant in the tubes bundled around it. As fluid flows through the tubes, heat is absorbed from the contents of the tubes to form a Superheated Vapor. A compressor unit pulls the chilled vapors from the evaporator and sends it to the condenser that increases the temperature and pressure. In the tubes of the condenser, the refrigerant becomes a Sub Cooled Liquid, meaning that the heat has been rejected. 


The pressurized liquid moves through an expansion device and back to the evaporator where the pressure and temperature are reduced. The cycle is completed when the refrigerant flows back over the cooled water coils where more heat is absorbed. 


Air Cooled Chiller Variations 


Whenever the purchase of an air cooled chiller unit is proposed, there is always concern for environmental compliance and getting the right size. These two issues require a great deal of thought since purchasing too large a unit may be too costly and getting too small a unit may not meet your needs. Whether it is concern for the environment or getting the right size, Universal Chilling Systems is ready to help with technical advice as well as their assurance that what you will get will meet your specific needs. 


All manufacturers are concerned about the environmental impact of their products. This is especially true for Universal Chilling Systems. We work hard to be in compliance with EPA regulations and use R410A refrigerant, which is Ozone-Friendly and causes zero Ozone depletion. All of the products from Universal Chilling Systems are designed, engineered, and produced to be Eco-Friendly.

Size and mobility may be another issue since many people believe that a chiller unit has to be huge to do its job. Universal Chilling Systems is well aware of the needs of our customers and has a line of chilling equipment that can fit into any budget but still meet the necessary capacity.


To meet your cooling needs, Universal Chilling Systems has designed chilling and cooling units that begin at 5 tons and 25 gallons and go up to 40 tons and 128 gallons. These units have a cooling capacity rated at 12,000 BTUs per ton per hour at 50o leaving water temp, 122o condensing temp, and 95o ambient temp. As the ambient temperature lowers, units have an increased cooling capacity. 

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