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  • Quadruple Refrigeration Circuit

  • Copeland Scroll Compressor with Advanced Scroll Temperature Protection

  • Copper tube and Aluminum fin condenser 

  • Propeller fan(s) induced air flow

  • Refrigerant sight glass with moisture indicator

  • Filter-drier

  • Thermostatic expansion valve

  • R410A refrigerant
      - Non-Ozone depleting

      - Low global warming impact

  • Shell and Tube Type evaporator

  • Liquid line solenoid valve

  • Refrigerant high pressure gauges

  • Refrigerant low pressure gauges

  • Stainless Steel Water Tank

  • Multistage Centrifugal Pump

  • Standard NPT fittings

  • Designed for Outdoor installation

  • Powder coated steel upright frame

  • Removable side panels for easy access

  • Built-in Bypass Option

Spec Sheet


Included Additional Features 

Quad Refrigerant Circuits.jpg
Quadruple Refrigerant Circuits

Our UCS-40V is Equipped with Four Copeland Scroll Compressors.

Each Compressor running on its own individual circuit. The refrigerant circuit consist of its own Compressor, Low Pressure Switch & Gauge, Expansion Valve, Sight Glass, Drier Filter, Condenser, Fans and High Pressure Switch & Gauge. These are individual circuits and not piped in tandem like other units in the market. The major advantage in this configuration is the ability to minimize down time allowing your system to run at 75%, 50% or 25%  capacity while replacing or servicing a system. 


This combination of audible and visual signal provides two levels of sensory notification. The integrated siren is synchronized with the flashing beacon. This dual purpose alarm is designed to alert personnel in industrial, commercial, and process settings when an operation is stopping or potentially malfunctioning.       

Removable Wifi Capable Controller

The Controller can be re-positioned to a more accessible location without having to relocate your chiller. A 100ft Communication Cable is included.

Perfect for when positioning the unit outdoors


Connect a Wifi router via the Ethernet port on controller and link your computer/laptop to the same network, now you have access to your unit from the comfort of your office.