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Process Cooling Solutions in a Compact Unitary Design

Universal Chilling Systems Cooling Solutions
Air Cooled Chiller
Air Cooled Unit

Our goal is to provide affordable cooling solutions to a wide range of industries by offering both Standard Packaged units, as wells as customizable units built to your specification. These compact, all-in-one chillers are designed and tailored with serviceability and maintenance in mind. The No-Tools removable panel provide instant accessibility to all major components. 

Every Unit is built with the industry renowned components and a following series of safety protection devices implemented to safeguard and extend the life of your chiller.

• Overload Relays
• Phase Monitor
• High/Low Pressure Switches
• Water Flow Switch 
• Water Level Indicator
• Anti-Freeze Protection

Diverse Industry Applications

A Universal Unit for
Diverse Applications

Universal Chilling Systems has provided cooling solution to multiple industries nationwide such as

The Plastic Industry, Metal Working, Chemical Processing, Die-Casting, Food and Beverage Processing, Machine Tooling, Pharmaceutical, etc.

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